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Do you live in the village of Lattingtown or in any of the other wonderful places around the town of Oyster Bay? Long Island is a beautiful place, but it can have some rough weather. If your garage door isn’t working, you could find your car taking the brunt of it. Well, just because you’re outside the city is no reason to settle for second rate garage door repair. That’s exactly what I had in mind when I start Alan Conkling’s Repair Service. I’m a native of Long Island and I understand how important your garage can be. I offer all the services you need.

Are you looking for emergency garage door opener repair? If so, I can help. Emergency calls are a specialty here at Alan Conkling, and I have the experience to help you. I am Long Island’s premier garage door technician. With ten years of experience, I bring you the safety and confidence of totally licensed, totally insured professional work. If you need an emergency repair, give me a call. I can have your problem evaluated, diagnosed, and solved with the fastest turnaround. Plus, when I repair a garage door, it stays fixed! That’s because I use only the best parts and up-to-date knowledge.

Garage door and opener installation is harder than it looks. There are dozens of brands of both door and opener. When your door breaks down, you might find that it’s never been replaced before. Just as likely, you might have a newer door from a manufacturer almost nobody services. Don’t fall for “specialty” service and the inflated price tags that are usually attached to it! I know all makes and models inside and out, and I provide the highest quality customized service without the “special” pricing. I can get you a new opener or even a completely new door fast.

You have a garage because you don’t want your car buried in snow. If your door isn’t working right, get it fixed! If it’s slow, loud, or not responding to the opener the way it should, give me a call. Remember, little glitches like this are the first step toward a fully non-functional door. If your door gets stuck open, or worse, stuck closed, it takes much more time and effort to repair. Whether you just want some quick maintenance done or you need your door completely replaced, get in touch today. I’m on call in Lattingtown and all over Long Island.

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