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Do you live in Mineola? Here’s a fast fact: the name “Mineola” originally comes from the local Native American tribes. It means “pleasant place,” and I think it still fits the area today! Of course, the weather can be a bit rough: but one of the things that make Mineola a “pleasant place” is a garage door you can trust. Your garage door does a lot for you. It protects your car from the elements, which helps keep it running smooth. It keeps anyone from wandering into your garage. And it’s the first thing you see when you get home every day. If you need garage door repair, call me.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with something as seemingly simple as your garage door. Inferior parts might wear out, leaving the door stuck in one position or another. A typical early warning sign of this is a loud, creaky, or stuttering sound when you try to operate your garage door. While this might simply mean that it needs some basic maintenance, it can also be step one to having a completely stuck door! I can let you know if you just need a few quick fixes or, perhaps, full garage door opener repair. Many problems can be traced to the opener.

I offer my customers the “elite” in garage door openers: a system that provides totally keyless, totally wireless entry. This is the solution to a lot of major headaches, and it’s one of my proudest offerings. But a lot of the time, customers want to go a bit further. They’re tired of their old door, or else it’s worn out and in need of replacement. That’s when I offer you complete garage door and opener installation. My doors are tough, thick, and weather resistant. Your garage will be secure and look beautiful when you choose a door in one of my three styles: metal, wood, or the carriage house door.

The garage door is something we take for granted -- until it stops working. The best thing you can do for the health of your car is make sure your garage door is working well before the day comes when you really need it at its best. If you’re concerned about your door, or you’re ready to tear it down and go with something new, call me -- Alan Conkling. If you’re not sure, I invite you to look at my testimonials from Mineola and throughout Long Island. Plus, if you’re in need of immediate help, I offer emergency calls.

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