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Did you know that Munsey Park has been one of the most popular communities anywhere in New York for filming movies? Munsey Park was home to scenes from The Good Wife (2009) and The Good Shepherd (2005). No surprise, considering that the community is known for its beauty, pristine location, and striking colonial architecture. People in Munsey Park take pride in their homes and work hard to make them look nice. If you have a problem with your garage door, your hard work can be spoiled and your car could be the worse for it. Call Alan Conkling for garage door repair.

In Munsey Park and all the towns and villages around the North Shore, Alan Conkling’s Repair Service has a terrific reputation. I strive to be the fastest and most professional garage door technician around. Not only do I offer all the solutions you need to make sure your garage door works flawlessly, but I can also provide garage door opener repair. Garage door openers are finicky. They can be hard to find parts for, and once you have those, they can be hard to fix! Luckily, I bring over ten years of experience to every repair. I know opener electronics and their brands inside and out.

In Munsey Park, the absolute best in colonial architecture is a must. Don’t let your garage or your garage door be an eyesore! You will likely want to consider either my wood or carriage house garage doors. The carriage house door is a beautiful, stylish, and completely weather resistant option. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for style when you choose a door from Alan Conkling’s. I use only the highest quality garage doors. I provide full garage door and opener installation, always working at a time when you can supervise. With my openers, wireless, keyless entry will be yours!

Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve been in your home for a while now, you never know when you might need a new garage door. Without a reliable, weather resistant door, your garage won’t offer the protection and safety your car needs. So, if you door is starting to sound strange or react slowly to your opener, give me a call. If it’s starting to look old and in need of replacement, I can help you with that too. I’m a long time resident of Long Island, and I know what it takes to get you a garage door that truly enhances your home.

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