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Oyster Bay Cove is one of my favorite places in Long Island. In fact, the greater Oyster Bay area is where I did some of my first work as an independent garage door repair technician more than ten years ago. Since then, I’ve worked hard to make Alan Conkling’s Repair Service the most trusted garage door maintenance and repair company anywhere on Long Island. The good folks of Oyster Bay have helped me do it by giving me the chance to serve their repair needs with top quality work: I am licensed, insured, and certified in the specialized world of garage doors.

So I’d like to ask you: how’s your garage door opener working? If your door opener is more than three years old, it’s already out of date. Likely, it’s starting to show it. Does your garage door suffer from symptoms like loud noises, slow movement, or slow response when you’re trying to get in and out? Odds are that the cause of the problem is your opener. Garage door opener repair is one of the things we do best at Alan Conkling’s. Opener repair can save you hundreds or even thousands in unnecessary repair expenses to the garage door itself.

If your problem is a little more serious, or you have a creative vision for your garage, we can go further. My garage door and opener installation services are second to none in the industry. Alan Conkling’s is fully stocked with garage doors in the three most popular styles on Long Island: metal, wood, and carriage house. If your home tends toward the colonial, you can’t possibly go wrong with the carriage house door. If you want to make a statement, choose our wooden doors. Modern houses look great with the metal doors. No matter what, all doors meet the highest standards for durability.

A garage door that isn’t working right can be a huge hassle. But it can be worse than a hassle: it can leave your garage and even your whole car ruined. Don’t give it a chance to put a damper on your day. Give me a call! Many of my customers are people with serious emergencies who need same day service. I specialize in evaluating and fixing your door the very same day, even the same hour, you talk to me. Need long term help? Visit the rest of my site for some great coupons. I look forward to helping you.

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