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Garage Door Repair in Sands Point - Celebrating Ten Years Around Nassau County

Did you know that Sands Point, New York is so memorable that it actually influenced events in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby?” Well, now you do. Did you know that whether you live in Sands Point or anywhere else on Long Island, there’s a simple, quick, and effective service for all your garage door repair needs? As a certified, licensed, and fully insured technician, I operate Alan Conkling’s Repair Service with just one goal in mind: complete customer satisfaction for everything and anything to do with the garage door. You won’t find a more experienced professional or a more focused service.

The garage door is a lot more important than it may seem at first glance. It’s the last line of defense between your car and the elements. Plus, when the door stops working, the entire garage becomes a no-go zone. Think about your garage door. Does it move quickly? Is it anywhere near as quiet as it was when you got your home? Does it respond quickly and correctly to your garage door opener? If the answer to any of these questions is no, you may need garage door opener repair. Applying my professional know-how to your garage door opener is the fastest way to get it good as new.

If you need more intensive service, you’ve come to the right place. I have garage door and opener installation down to a science. I use the most durable materials, helping to make sure that your costs of ownership are low. I double up on materials where other technicians might try to get away with skimping. The savings I pass on to you comes in non-existent repair and replacement costs for years to come. Just keep your garage door humming with regular, preventative maintenance. I provide new doors in metal, wood, and carriage house styles, and the sleekest and simplest opener systems.

Whether you live in Sands Point or anywhere else along the North Shore, you deserve the very best in repair services. Alan Conkling’s Repair Service is here to give it to you. Give me a call and we’ll discuss your needs. I’m well known around Nassau County for my courteous, professional, and quick “emergency calls.” That’s right: if you need same day service, get in touch with me right away. I’ll get to your home, evaluate the problem, and fix it in a matter of hours, not days. I look forward to the opportunity to help you with all your garage door needs!

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