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Did you know that the Village of Upper Brookville is also the Village of Lower Brookville? It’s true! When the village was just being named, it was going to be called Lower Brookville for its low elevation. Residents opposed the idea because it sounded, well, low. Thus, Upper Brookville was born. At Alan Conkling’s Repair Service, I’ve helped residents, neighbors, and friends all over Upper Brookville get the best garage door repair for their money. I make the process of getting your door fixed quick and affordable, so you don’t have to put up with an old door that simply doesn’t work.

With ten years of experience completely exclusive to garage door servicing, I can do everything and anything you need done. That includes repairing superficial or structural damage to your door from an accident, weather, or electrical problem. It includes all kinds of maintenance, and I always do that maintenance with an eye toward keeping cost of ownership low. It includes garage door opener repair, a solution that can resolve all kinds of door problems quickly. When you choose me, I always have your comfort and satisfaction in mind. That’s what comes from being a fully licensed, certified, and insured technician.

There are some situations that call for more than a repair. Your door might be so worn out that nothing can save it. Or you might be renovating your home and wondering just what you can do with that garage of yours. I have all the answers you need when it comes to garage door and opener installation. After years of working with Upper Brookville, New York and other Long Island clients, I know the most popular styles. You can choose from wood, carriage house, or metal garage doors. Plus, you’ll get a wireless, keyless, and unbelievably easy garage door opener.

Your garage door is something you might not think much about until it gives you trouble. Don’t let it become a source of worry to you: after all, it’s the first thing you see when you get home every day. Give me a call at Alan Conkling’s Repair Service and let’s talk about your needs. If you need more information, be my guest and take a look at the wonderful testimonials I’ve earned from your friends and neighbors. You might find a coupon you like. If you need help right away, don’t hesitate to call now. I’m famous for my same day emergency service!

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