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Do you live in Muttontown, New York? You may already know that Muttontown got its famous name from its history as prime land for grazing sheep. Well, there aren’t as many sheep nowadays, but we do have a lot of beautiful homes. One of the elements of your home you might not think about much is the garage, especially the garage door. Well, if your garage door isn’t working quite as expected, or you’d like to beautify it and your home, I would like to offer you the best garage door repair service. I have helped your neighbors and friends all over Long Island.

You might be surprised to learn that the garage door opener can be the source of a lot of problems with your door. It might seem like the door itself needs maintenance or repair, when the real issue is with your opener. These “phantom” problems can cost you a lot of money over time, as unscrupulous or inexperienced repair men give your door the works. But still, the problem will persist until you have a true professional do garage door opener repair. That’s where I come in. I can either repair your garage door opener or completely replace with a new wireless, keyless entry system. Your choice.

The homes of Muttontown are some of the most revered and respected anywhere on Long Island. After all, the Gold Coast is one of the Island’s most beautiful areas. A quick and easy way to make your home look even better is through garage door and opener installation. With my service, you can select a garage door that will work with the style of your home, enhancing its curbside appeal. I carry a selection of metal, wood, and carriage house style doors. No matter which you choose, you can rest assured that they’ll stand up to the worst weather -- and repeated, daily use.

Whether you live in Muttonhead full time or just visit, I want to be the specialist you call when you need help with your garage door. If you need emergency help, you can drop me a line right now and odds are I’ll be able to help you on the same day. Thanks to my wealth of over ten years of experience, I can repair problems that take other technicians days or even weeks. I strive to give you exceptional services at a reasonable price. So, don’t delay if your garage door is disappointing you. Get it fixed or replaced with Alan Conkling’s Repair Service.

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